BC Food Processors Association

"Thank you BCFPA – WDC (and Dawn): you run an amazing tournament. Congratulations on making it even better than last year, which I thought would be impossible. Thanks again, it was a fantastic day!


Earle McCandless, CRM, Commercial Account Director"


"Best show I attended in 2017. I completely enjoyed FoodProWest both the tradeshow and the gala awards. I got more out of this show then I did at CHFA or the Grocery West Showcase. Way more cool and innovative products and it was great to see the enthusiasm all the members have. I'm sending an email to all our buyers with the results of the awards and stand out products."

Jeff Nadon, Local Development, Sobeys Inc. West Business Unit.

"The annual BCDC - BCFPA Golf Tournament: I have to say that was the best, most well organized and absolutely spectacular golf course and charity event I've ever been to. Started on time, finished on time and full value for the money."

Dave Eto, Qumai SA


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